Moscow: walk tours

Visit Moscow's most famous landmarks on one of these sightseeing tours. Discover this diverse and impressive city, its fascinating history, its ancient and modern architecture, its great theater shows.

Take a tour of Moscow and learn from our guides the city's best attractions and famous landmarks. Learn interesting historical and cultural facts about Moscow on a walking tour. Visit Red Square, see the Changing of the Guard, take a stroll to the magnificent St. Basil's Cathedral, see celebrated areas of Moscow including Tverskaya street, Arbat street, Vorobievy Gory, Novodevichy Convent, Kolomenskoe, Tsaritsyno, Izmailovo. Have a look at Mausoleum of Lenin, Bolshoi Theater, the Russian Government House, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

The team of guides includes historians, archaeologists, actors. Our guides love the city and will do their best to make you fall in love with Moscow! All of our tours are individual and may be modified to suit your wishes.

35 USD $ per 1 person

Moscow Kremlin

Kremlin 35$ for 1 person for groups from 6 pax   duration 1.5 h Kremlin 25$ for 1 peson for groups from 20 pax  duration 1.5 h   Red Square 10$ for 1 pax for group from 10 pax  duration 1h Red Square 15$ for 1 pax for group from 6 pax    duration 1.5 […]


The State Tretyakov gallery

Established in 1856 as a private collection the Tretyakov gallery now is the most famous and biggest museum of Russian art. The amazing private tour is led by English speaking guides. You will see works by Brullov, Kiprensky, Aivazovsky, Ivanov and Repin, as well as the finest collection of Russian icons and hear anecdotes behind […]


Moscow Metro System

Moscow metro is considered one the most beautiful in the world. Moscow is not only about what can be seen above ground but also what is hidden below our feet. Our guides will show you the wonders of the subterranean network and tell you the captivating twists and turns of the metro’s history. You will […]


The Diamond Fund

While touring the Moscow Kremlin, visit the Diamond Fund to see the famous collection of gems. Set up in 1922, it displays tsars’ jewels as well as Soviet diamonds, the Soviet Union being one of the main suppliers to the world diamond market. See unique diamonds and gold nuggets from Siberia, including one of the […]


The Kremlin Armoury Museum

The Kremlin Armoury Museum has a world famous collection of imperial insignia. Founded in 1511, it was the oldest Russian treasure house. Its collection includes the State Regalia, Alexei Romanov’s 17th-century throne covered with 900 diamonds, Metropolitan Platon decorated with 150,000 pearls, coronation dresses, precious clothes, a unique collection of carriages, Russian gold and silver […]


St. Basil’s Cathedral

St. Basil’s Cathedral is one of the most iconic sights in Moscow, if not in all of Russia. Built in 1561 to celebrate the capture of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible, the cathedral is famous by its colorful onion-shaped domes. The Cathedral’s galleries are covered with frescoes, oil paintings and Russian icons, many of which […]


Arbat Street Walk

The Arbat is a pedestrian street that begins at Arbatskaya square, 10 min walk from the Kremlin. This is one of the oldest Moscow streets, though the original 15th century buildings have not survived. During the Napoleon’s occupation of Moscow in 1812 the street was decimated by fire. It was rebuilt in the 19 century […]


Novodevichy Convent

Novodevichy Convent (the New Maidens’ Monastery) is one of the Moscow’s most beautiful cloisters and one of the greatest Moscow attractions, second only to the Kremlin. Located in the southwest of the city, it was built in the early 16th century a retirement home for noble women, the «retirement» being either voluntary or forced. The […]



The museum-reserve Tsaritsyno is located in the south of Moscow and occupies more than 405 hectares. At the heart of Tsaritsyno is a palace of the late 18th century, built as a Catherine the Great suburb residence. In 1796 the construction was interrupted by Catherine’s death. The palace remained abandoned for more than 200 years, […]



Kolomenskoe is a former royal residence with a huge scenic park overlooking the banks of the Moscow River. The chief attractions of the estate are the stone Church of the Ascension (1532) and a modern reconstruction of the Tsar Alexis’s I Wooden palace. Other highlights include Church of John the Baptist in Dyakovo (16th century), […]



Izmaylovo Park is one of the largest parks in Moscow. Former countryside residence of tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich, the park has been a Muscovites’ favorite relaxation place for centuries. In the 1660s, an artificial island, Silver Island, was created as the home of the Royal household. The Pokhorovoskiy Cathedral on Silver Island apeared in 1679. Two […]