Moscow Kremlin

Kremlin 35$ for 1 person for groups from 6 pax   duration 1.5 h

Kremlin 25$ for 1 peson for groups from 20 pax  duration 1.5 h


Red Square 10$ for 1 pax for group from 10 pax  duration 1h

Red Square 15$ for 1 pax for group from 6 pax    duration 1.5 h


Round-Moscow bus excursion 35$ for 1 person for groups from 6 pax duration 4h

Discover the Kremlin's greatest attractions, including the gorgeous Cathedral Square, the Grand Kremlin Palace, the Senate Palace, where the current president holds office, the Tsar Bell and the Tsar Cannon, and plenty of communist relics. The Kremlin occupies an area of 27 hectares and the larger part of it is accessible to tourists. On a tour that spans over 900 years of history you will learn interesting facts and stories about Russia from your guide.

The Cathedral Square founded in the early 14th century represents a unique and impressive ensemble of Russian medieval architecture. From April to October, you can see here the ceremonial mounting parade of Horse Guard and Foot Guard of the Presidential Regiment.

Climb up the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, visit exhibitions at the Assumption Belfry and the Patriarch Palace and see precious church and secular tableware, jewelry, antique furniture and clothing.
See residences of Russian Tsars, Emperors and Presidents: the Faceted Palace, also known as Hall of Facets (late 15th century), the Terem Palace (17th century), the Grand Kremlin Palace (middle of the 19th century). Visit the State Kremlin Palace, one of the most popular Moscow concert halls.

Duration 2 hours.

Price: 35 USD dollars per person, tickets are included

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