Arbat Street Walk

The Arbat is a pedestrian street that begins at Arbatskaya square, 10 min walk from the Kremlin. This is one of the oldest Moscow streets, though the original 15th century buildings have not survived. During the Napoleon's occupation of Moscow in 1812 the street was decimated by fire. It was rebuilt in the 19 century and became the most prestigious living area in Moscow. Due to the numerous artists who have lived and worked in the street, the Arbat has become an important tourist attraction. There is a lot of souvenir stores, restaurant, bars etc. You may find great paintings to buy from street vendors. It is the most popular place to shop for souvenirs – Russian dolls (also known as matreshkas or babushkas), lacquer boxes, various works of art, Russian scarfs, fur, woodwork.

Duration: 2 hours.

Price: $30 per person.

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