Kolomenskoe is a former royal residence with a huge scenic park overlooking the banks of the Moscow River. The chief attractions of the estate are the stone Church of the Ascension (1532) and a modern reconstruction of the Tsar Alexis's I Wooden palace. Other highlights include Church of John the Baptist in Dyakovo (16th century), Church of St. George (16th century), the pretty Church of Our Lady of Kazan (17th century), Watertower (17th century), front gates (1671–73), Polkovhichyi chambers (17th century), Prikaznye chambers (17th century), Sytny yard (17th century), Back gates (17th century), Park pavilion (1825).

In 1923, Kolomenskoe was made a Museum of Wooden Architecture. Old wooden buildings and various artifacts were transported to Kolomenskoye from different parts of the USSR.

Kolomenskoye hosts a number of festivals and traditional Russian religious celebrations such as Maslenitsa, Easter Sunday and others.

Duration: 2 hours.

Price: $30 per person.

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