Izmaylovo Park is one of the largest parks in Moscow. Former countryside residence of tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich, the park has been a Muscovites' favorite relaxation place for centuries. In the 1660s, an artificial island, Silver Island, was created as the home of the Royal household. The Pokhorovoskiy Cathedral on Silver Island apeared in 1679. Two more buildings from the original estate, the Ceremonial Gate and the Bridge Tower, are situated near the cathedral.

The theme park (Ismailov's Kremlin) was built in 2003. It is a modern cultural and entertainment center with buildings representing Russian regional styles. The Ismailovo park and natural reserve covers 1608.1 hectares and has lakes, cycling tracks, two Ferris wheels, dolphinarium and squirrels. Boat hiring is available in summer.

Nearby Izmailovo market is a perfect place for tourist looking for souvenirs and authentic Russian objects like stamps, chapkas, traditionnal clothes, army surplus, matryoshkas, etc.

Duration: 2 hours.

Price: $30 per person.

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